Dear Friends

Reason begins to speak again,
And hope to bloom again,
One longs for the life streams,
Oh! After the life source.

J. W. von Goethe

1st half 2018.
An exceptionally warm spring makes everything grow and mature faster than usual. Almost at the same time we eat fresh strawberries, cherries, raspberries, mulberries and plums. The grapes have also almost reached their size and only need to ripen.

In Dinkovo happened quite a lot ...


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We need you!

Do you have game ideas for indoors or outdoors? Do you have typical menu suggestions for storage times?
For the kitchen or around the campfire?
Please be so good and send us your ideas!


Things, we need urgently at the moment.

1 Meadow mower / mulcher / bar mower
We can no longer process the usable area grown on approx 10000m2 with the available technology. We want to hay the excellent meadow in the future and pass on or use the hay.
New sleeping bags
e.g. from the army, as spare or additional
1 caravan / mobile home / trailer
ready to live in. as additional accomodation or for events.

Who knows about it? Thanks for your response

Bitte beachtet auch unsere ständige Sammelaktion in der Schweiz und in Berlin:


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A few numbers from Kings Garden, Dinkovo


thankful guests




hours with fun


successfully years

About Us

Our home is heaven, we have a Swiss passport and live in Bulgaria. Most people already know that. - Some know the call of the mountains, others speak of the call of the sea, the call of the wilderness or even more exotic, the call of the whales. And then there are the occupants who have been recalled.

In 2008, probably at the height of my career as a real estate broker, we responded to a call by giving up everything and leaving Switzerland. Wait a minute, Bisi is a Bulgarian, she must have been pushing. No! There are moments when men get pregnant ;-). Since then we live here in Veliko Tarnovo, the old capital of Bulgaria. Surely you enjoy the sun, sea, shopksa salad and yoghurt. Yeah, that's enough time. And sometimes also for skate, ski and snowboard. Otherwise, we live a normal life. Get up in the morning, go to school and work and do all the usual duties, go to bed in the evening. Steven and Alex attend the Bau- und Architekturgymnasium. Steven specializing in architecture and Alex interior design.

Yes, with what do you deserve your bunnies? Also we do not live by bread alone, sometimes we also need something more powerful. We are neither room people nor tent makers, but very often we remove dirt and help others here. to realize and realize their plans, to build, to renovate, to cut trees, to plant shrubs, rejuvenate and to rearrange oneself. In case of need we have a small, efficient team at hand. - Ok, that's all pretty normal, how does it look like mentally. Was not that spiritual enough? Yes, it is true, when we think this way, we realize that a 'role model of Jesus' prides us in particular. We often sit at the table and eat. Often at our own table and often at others. Mostly the tables are too small and you just sit where you find space.

And then there is Dinkovo. Never heard of it? Can something good come from Dinkovo? We almost knocked out this legacy, at least when it came to my assessment at the time. A decaying village, an old dilapidated house, with a still run-down stable and a jungle of ore, gem. was supposed to have been a fertile garden. If it had not been for Bisi's family, I doubt there would be any reason to accept this legacy. Years have passed, another house and garden has been added. The decaying walls, the overgrown garden and others awaken, from the thorns' sleep, with the use of many hard-working hunts. Gem & auml; & szlig; Statements of villagers have never been a denomination in the village before. We support our good friend, Milton Metodiev, in his pastoral function. He faithfully follows his vocation and looks after about 9 small communities in the surrounding villages. And last but not least many different people meet here with us. Big and small. Then the garden turns into a small tent city. And in the end, many cry. Was it that bad? No, just too short. Actually interesting.

Could we visit you? Yes, what are you waiting for. Welcome!

Can we support you somehow? Sure, look below (sponsorship).

What's next? We do not know in detail. How about this:

My kingdom is going so that His might come.


Collections Point for clothes etc.:
Leutwilerstr. 1, CH-5724 Dürrenäsch ( Collection Point Info )
Simon Buess is accepting your goods.

Responsible for website and content:
Family Martin and Biserka Kräuchi-Petrova
Vela Blagoeva 7
5000 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Skype: Bisimartin
Landline: 00359 62 650 529
Mobile M.: 00359 884 012 898
Mobile B.: 00359 885 169 763

Donation Bank Account Switzerland:
Swiss Post - PostFinance
Nordring 8
3030 Bern
Account: PC 60-102605-3
IBAN: CH95 0900 0000 6010 2605 3
M. + B. Kraeuchi
Alte Strasse 6, CH 5734 Reinach
Remark: "Kings-Garden"



Street 9, Nr. 6 and 8, BG 3921 Dinkovo
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And your sons will be building again the old waste places: you will make strong the bases of old generations: and you will be named, He who puts up the broken walls, and, He who makes ready the ways for use. Jesaja 58,12