There, at the river... - The ideal place for family and children's camp - in Dinkovo, Bulgaria


“Kings Garden”


- Looking Back 2015 -



- What was happen in 2015 in & around "King´s Garden" in Dinkovo? -


Looking Back 2015 - General / Conversion

In May we had actively, volunteer support from Switzerland, Sweden and Bulgaria.
It was Simon Buess Reinach AG, Turbjörn Uppsala Sweden, Vladimir BG and Georg Kräuchi which indulged their time for helping the reconstruction project.
Only Vladimir, an unemployed family man, has received a corresponding payment this year for his help as a skilled carpenter.



Dinkovo 2015




- Prayer Answers:

a) This fall was the municipal and regional government refilled with partly clear clarity.

b) The miserable road was, albeit only temporarily, repaired (probably much to the dismay of local tire dealer). ;-)


We were truly a top team and could jointly achieve the goal, even slightly beyond:

- The converted barn is now wired, plastered the walls and limed, completed the balcony floor with railings and the east facade entirely covered.

- In the garden is now a climbing house and waits patiently for the completion.

- The attached bathroom of old house newly insulated and the outside covered with wood.



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Who wants to support us in any way in this work, if it's active on site with construction work, during camp times, time-out in the country (House-sitting) or materially or financially, please take contact with us.