KingsGarden - Look Out

Look Out

Spring 2019


We build hope!

When? Appointments: Between the 28.4 and 4.5.2019 or the 5.5 and the 11.5.2019 another practical use is planned.



On the newly acquired, the land opposite us, is a small house. The people in the village connect this place with allerei stories and rumors. Let′s build a new story together. A memorial, so to speak. Are we able to create a place for the bystander who moves to think differently?



Above all, the little house needs a new roof. Then we want to make appropriate changes to both the inner and the outer appearance. We want to use the 2500m2 of green space as a fruit garden in the future.



Who would like to support us actively in this project? From Basel you can book cheap direct flights to Sofia via WIZZ.

We are looking forward to reactions or inquiries.

If you would like to support us with work in any way, be it on-site construction, camp times, house-sitting or material or financial, please contact us.

Many Thanks.