“Kings Garden”


- семеен лагер 2015 -



- Summer 2015 -


As announced, this summer was the family at the center of our camp.

Between 20th and 26th of July we were 7 families for a week, which has grown into a large family-for-time.
Unlike the children's camp, where the planning, implementation, and thus the responsibility borne largely is by us, offers a family camp in this respect quite different conditions.

Also this summer have been Dietrich and Sara Hartung back again and stood by us when senior (40 years marriage) serving both as a practical example, as well as spiritual parents, helping and encouraging the page. They have studied specifically for this week with the subject of marriage and vividly us in daily conversations, easy to understand and with humor seasoned in teaching.
If by service elder is talk, then does that determines a double meaning. Surely even the duration of the marriage.
But probably even more interesting in this case be the question: What is the relationship of our service is to our marriage? Builds marriage on a healthy church or the church to a healthy marriage? - 1 Tim. 3; 5.

At this point, I venture a recommended book: "The Kings woman", from Mercy Simson



Besides cooking together, playing, learning, singing, laughing and crying we made a trip to the nearby mountain town of Belogradchik. The typical red rock formations fascinate everyone and is a must for Bulgaria visitors.
  Otherwise, our river Lom has called us every day to swim. How Nielpferde we have that super pleasant wanted tempered wet and there "in and around the river" then passed hours long, thorough discussions. The scene had something almost oriental in itself. Cool.




By the way 'water':
Also this year have 2 teenagers (Avia and Filippa) an important step in their lives and be baptized.



Yes, and then was also 23rd of July where Martin has his 50th anniversary!. Hey, we have missed you. Really, it's true! What a celebration. Many thanks to all who had contributed with the greatest devotion to the fiesta. Surely it is our wedding, which tops the charts of personal memories, after a long time nothing more, but then followed by that date.



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Там при реката... - Идеалното място за семеен и детски лагер в с, Динково, България


превод идва скоро !