What has developed during the past years in our village Dinkovo, influences our whole life and demands our thinking and plannings. We have spent a large part of our time during the past years in Dinkovo. Dinkovo is round about 300 km from our home town Veliko Tanorvo, which is our school place and our place of work. This is not easy for us and our surroundings.

In fact of this, we're asking us, if a move to dinkovo is not better. To remain the question, here in Tarnovo or to move in the northwest of Bulgaria, has accompanied and engaged us now approx. 4 years. But it also slows us out! After intensive prayer and weighing(weighing up) we have reached(got) to the decision to remain here in Tarnovo and to focus ourselves anew.



Cids camp and evangelisation in Dinkovo, Bulgaria - Looking back 2014


“Kings Garden”


- Living in Bulgaria -


- The Summer -


 Training Camp 


In the last summer we have moved into 3 room-appartement with some garden. By the big patio, the garden and a garage we have at least a little bit more freedom of movement, where daddy and the boys can also get sometimes the tools out to work.
Now, unfortunately, we already had to experience to the 3rd time that was a burglary in our appartement during our absence. The "visitors" had mistaken a Giveaway for a Takeaway. Among the rest, to the children the complete pocket money was stolen. However, mostly it hurts Alex that a small bundle of his baby hair was scattered above the floor. This is an interesting values system!
Together with the material loss it is more the uninvited penetration in the privacy which releases this uneasiness.


Steven has reached now the upper school and learns in the construction and architecture high school.
Alex has to develop another 2-year time around himself. And we?
Logically, also we must live on something and thus we also deal furthermore with our small cleansing company with the dirt of our environment. It would be an aim that we can generate enough orders to allow fixed employment for an additional worker.

In 2014 we took more time to think about and to pray for farther action in our village. As fast it could be happen that we steer ourselves in a way of automatism and easily along the aim. To bend forward this condition, our activities have decreased this year in the village to the most necessary:


 That will be tasty! 


•   Now the neighbour plot with dwelling house is officially headlined on our name and belongs therefore to the total concept.
•   The patio in front of the farmer barn is increased with a big concrete paving slab.
•   For the future mass camp we have drawn the wooden floor.
•   We have fenced in the complete property and it protects now our young fruit trees against wild animals.
•   We could also build in the the camp kitchen, even if it is a little bit improvised.


Then our actually kids camp was following next. Beside some newcomers might also welcome this year again some, us well known and grown fond children.

Anyhow we had to fight quite immediately from beginning away with difficulties and problems within our "great family". On the one hand these were the quickly forming little groups which gave a hard time to all anyhow, and also single children who quite simply do not have it obviously easy in their private life.

Thus we also had to hear that parents wanted to give off to us their children for one week, in hope, that we could manage with them and just turn them back into life. Frustration on all sides is preprogrammed there.

We had to pay attention this week also much stronger to the observance of our camp rules and unfortunately, than all good coaxing, warning and given from a second chance brought nothing, us early from a child to say good bye. A fire consists of several sticks. If one takes apart this, it expires. And just we have experienced it. The "fire" expired at the moment as we removed one "stick". Then the peace came back.


 Fun with the self-made raft! 


The summer, which wasn't a summer!
In 2011 and especially in 2012 it was the record-breaking heat and dryness, with temperatures up to 42 C in the shade. In 2014 will probably come as the rain year par excellence into the anal. Numerous, often destructive floods had to be taken about the whole year to knowledge, only in our village these were 3. Our small river, normally between 5-10m wide, has risen up to a tearing stream, here and there from several 100m width!



This year we had avoided no trouble to spoil our children also gastronomically. Alex, specially arrived 5-star cook with Jung's crowd experience, has lent in spite of rather spartan relations to products, tricks accomplished in other respects with his warmth of the camp mood upward wind. One time more were it the different gifts and talents which to the common success led. Thus camps give pleasure!!!

Also this year we have closed our camp season with a bigger meeting, what we have invited the enthusiasts from the whole surrounding villages to. For the most of them it was very much to see encouraging that there are religious brothers and sisters also in the remaining villages. The family sense was strengthened certainly.


It is our dream and wish that the village Dinkovo and our property fills up with life. Our eyes are in search of an administrator who lives all year round there and helps to maintain property and buildings / construction works. There is place and possibilities of the self-sufficiency enough.

Also we are requested on occasion whether we can accommodate guests. Often these are also the missionaries who follow here in the northwest their appeal. It would be nice if in this situations somebody is around and welcomed the guests


 building self-made chairs 


In the week from the 21st to the 28th of July 2015 we have a big reason for a celebration!

Martin will celebrate his 50th birthday!

Upon general wish, we like to spend this week in our village and introduce everybody in addition to a families-holiday's week. Families with children, dogs or cats are warmly invited.
This will maybe also for some of you a good reason and perfect time to visit us here in Bulgaria!


Prayer Concerns:

♥   Additional harvesters for the surrounding villages. Pastor Milton is demanded with the care of 10 house municipalities very much, or is already demanded too much.
♥   For the expansion of HIS kingdom in the northwest of Bulgaria.
♥   For the people in Dinkovo, for forgiveness and reconciliation.
♥   The fact that our houses also filled up with life for the rest of the year.
♥   Forthcoming works, assistance and finances.
♥   Forthcoming camp season 2015

Lovely greetings and blessed hope!

Family Martin and Bisi Kräuchi, with Steven and Alex.






From the 13th until the 20th of July we were hosts and participants of a training camp for beginning Jung's crowd leaders which was escorted by our friend Hans-Georg Gerster and is based according to the Standards of YOUNGSTARS INTERNATIONAL

A young team specially formed for this application from Switzerland has served us during this week and has trained. Not only what they have learned to us, but the whole way and approach has impressed to us everybody very much. Bravo!!


 The Flood 



As soon as the warmer season admits it, we want to resume the upcoming rebuilding and enlargement works. Already now there have contacted us volunteers from Switzerland, Sweden and Bulgaria who will support us, on this occasion.
Who can fancy such a practical employment, is allowed to do itself with pleasure and to get in contact with us.

Important upcoming works:
•   Completion of the former barn, inner walls plaster, concrete floor cover with stones, built in the windows, install electricity cables.
•   Old dwelling house: Complete renewal of the roof, completion of the kitchen.
•   New dwelling house and camp kitchen: Installation of a suitable heating and completion of the camp kitchen.
•   Undeveloped outskirt area: Build up a playground, perhaps, a climbing tower, swing and seesaw.
•   various small works



- Outlook -